Membership (Belleville Minor Hockey Association)

The BMHA Board is continuing to strive for better and more organized meetings.  According to the By Laws of BMHA, the following persons are able to be considered for admission as a voting member:

The parents of any child playing minor hockey under the Corporation, whose registration fees have been paid to the Corporation, or
Any person eighteen (18) years of age or over, interested in the operation of Minor Hockey in the City of Belleville and who resides in the area of jurisdiction of the Belleville Minor Hockey Association as approved by the Ontario Minor Hockey Association or its successor. 

Also, according to the By Laws of BMHA, there may be dues or fees payable by Members at the option of the Board of Directors, including registration for Members and/or their children to play minor hockey.

Accordingly, the Board of Directors of BMHA have implemented various policies, procedures, fee structures dealing with membership status in BMHA and voting rights. In addition, the Board of Directors has developed clear policies, procedures and guidelines for making a member’s vote count by way of Proxy Vote.

Please visit the Forms/Applications Tab to view or download the Application for Membership and/or the Policies, Procedures and Rules and Regulations for Other Member Status and Proxy Voting in the Belleville Minor Hockey Association.

Proxy Forms may not be downloaded, they must be picked up at the BMHA office for tracking purposes.

If you are a birth parent of a child registered to play hockey in BMHA you will be admitted as a member and your registration fee includes this voting membership status.

Our administrative office has begun the arduous task of creating a voting member registry so that we can have more effective meetings of members and/or Annual General Meetings.

We encourage all parents of players and other interested persons to view these documents and get involved at our meetings if you so desire.

Thank You for playing hockey at BMHA.

BMHA Membership Policy