Roster Select Program (Belleville Minor Hockey Association)

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A Roster Select team refers to a team comprised of players selected from our house league teams.  As an extension of our recreational house league, our Select program will continue to offer a more competitive level of play in a structured environment.

Applications for Select Coaches will be accepted through the BMHA website under House League Coaching applications, please select the team level withing the application. Deadline for applications is Sept 5th of each season.


For a division to be eligible to run a Select team, there must be a coach in place by September 15th, a minimum of 15 players must be confirmed prior to scheduling and a representative of the team must attend the scheduling meeting at the end of October in order to be eligible for the season. 

The players must be eligible by age and they may compete in exhibition games and tournament games as per OMHA regulations while continuing to play for their House League team. 

Select Programming does not consist of tryouts.      Players will be assessed during the first 2 weeks of HL Practices and Games. The best 17-19 players will be selected to be on the select team based on the HL coach(s) evaluations, in combination with the select coaches evaluations.  If a player declines to play (or informs the association they are not interested) on a Rostered Select team, the next “selected” player will be provided the opportunity.  Two (2) goalies shall be selected per team and should be rotated through games.

Players who make the Select team continue to play on their House League team, and play Select in addition to House League. On the Select team, they have the benefit of additional practice time and participation in a maximum of 3 games per month against Select teams from other organizations within the Lakeshore League. In addition, teams can enter 3 tournaments each season Exhibition games will be scheduled by the Select team to take place in Belleville, or at the ice of the opposition.

The BMHA Select Program is a privilege. All players who sign are required to provide for fees associated with additional games, practices, tournaments and other association costs, up to approximately $800 - $1000 as an estimate, less participation in discretionary fundraising activities as agreed upon by the team.

Select teams are run independent of their house league affiliates and all players are responsible to provide for fees to both teams.  All players MUST fulfill their obligation to their house league team first and are required to fully participate on both teams. Failure to do so can and will result in removal of this privilege.