AGM (2019) (Belleville Minor Hockey Association)

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Notice of BMHA Annual General Meeting

Original Notice of AGM posted to BMHA Website on April 13, 2019 via Calendar Event
This AGM Information page posted May 29, 2019

The BMHA Board of Directors invites all members of the Belleville Minor Hockey Association to attend the Annual General Meeting of the Belleville Minor Hockey Association on:

When: Thursday June 20, 2019
Time: 6:00PM
Where: Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre - Minor Sports Meeting Room

All members of the Belleville Minor Hockey Association are encouraged to attend this important annual event.  See you there!


The agenda for the 2019 BMHA Annual General Meeting will be posted 48 prior to the AGM (Tuesday June 18, 2019).  The Minutes from the 2018 BMHA Annual General meeting are posted below for your review.

2018 BMHA AGM Minutes (DRAFT)
2019 AGM Agend


of the



Monday June 20, 2019

Quinte Sports and Wellness Center

Minor Sports Meeting Room




1.            Call Meeting to Order – Welcome and Introduction of Directors and Guests.

Introduction of Meeting Chair

2.            Approval of Minutes from June 13, 2018

3.            Presentation of the Financial Review – Welch LLP

4.            Appointment of Accountants for the 2019-20 Season

5.            Reports for submission:


¨      Summary of Year in Review

¨      Summary of Plans for next Season

6.            Introductions from Board Applicants

7.            Election of Directors.

8.            Questions from the Floor.

     9.            Adjournment.


Election of Directors

There are five (5) of eleven (11) Director Positions to be elected at the AGM.  Members intending to run for a Director Position, must complete the Online Board Nomination Application FormA list of Candidates who have met the criteria to run will be posted here as they are received.

Pursuant to Article 9.1, the Nomination of a Director must be submitted 72 hours in advance of the meeting (6:00PM on Monday June 17th, 2019), a nomination must be supported by two members and nominations cannot be made from the floor.

At the 2018 AGM, the following Directors were elected for a two year term and will continue as Director for the second year of their term in 2019/2020:

  • Jill Bain
  • Jim Earl
  • Wayne Mattice
  • Becky Nickle
  • Brad Reitzel
  • Matt Sinclair

The Following Members have been nominated for Director and have met the requirements to have their name stand for election at the 2019 AGM (listed alphabetically by last name):

  • Phil Cyr
  • Jeff Lisk*
  • Jason McCullough*
  • Phil Phillips
  • Michelle Graves*
  • Jacqueline Taylor*
* Indicates current member of the BOD who is in the final year of their term.  

Notice of Motion:

If you would like to propose a change to the BMHA Constitution and By-Laws, please complete the BMHA Notice of Motion Form and forward it to the BMHA Office no later than 12:00PM on Wednesday June 6th.

Following the submission deadline of Wednesday June 6th, all notices of motion to be voted upon at the AGM will be posted below.

Notice No. Submitted By  Area of Change  Click Each Link Below to View Motion

Voting at the AGM:

The Annual General Meeting of the BMHA is an important event and all members are strongly encouraged to attend the AGM and exercise their voice and vote to help guide the BMHA.

Per Article 7.7 - Voter Eligibility, Subject to the provisions, if any, contained in Letters Patent of the Corporation, each Member of the Association shall at all meetings of Members be entitled to one (1) vote.

If you are unable to attend the AGM and would like to exercise your vote, you may do so by written proxy.  Considering how important your vote is, you should carefully consider who you proxy your vote to and why as the holder of your proxy will be voting on your behalf for matters that will affect the Association.  Should you choose to proxy your vote, be sure to discuss your ideas and/or concerns with your proxy to ensure s/he is on the same page you are. Click here for more information.

No Member shall be entitled either in person or by proxy to vote at meetings of the Corporation unless s/he has paid all dues or fees, if any, then payable by him.