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BMHA Complaint & Dispute Resolution Process:

The hockey environment can be quite emotional in both a positive and negative sense. As a spectator at a hockey game or practice, it is common for individuals to pass judgement and opinion on the situation at hand and/or the hockey program. At times, these judgements and opinions may be accurate or inaccurate. When these views evolve into a dispute, it is highly advisable to address the matter at the earliest opportunity. Below is the formal process that must occur.

BMHA Parent Code of Conduct
Parent Code of Conduct

BMHA Coaches Code of Conduct
Coaches Code of Conduct

BMHA Players Code of Conduct
Players Code of Conduct

BMHA Spectator Policy
Spectator Policy

Social Media Policy
Social Media Policy

Fair Play Policy
Fair Play Policy

BMHA Complaint Form:

 Dispute Resolution/Complaint Form                                                          


The RM/DR committee is responsible to investigate all Complaints brought to it. It is important to note that not every issue that is investigated will end with a disciplinary action‐ some cases will be found to be without merit, while others may be resolved via informal discussions or mediation. However, substantiated Complaints will be addressed according to their severity having regard primarily to the safety of all participants. In addition to investigating Complaints that have been made by Members, the RM/DR also has the power to initiate investigations of its own accord when it is made aware of circumstances that may constitute a breach of BMHA’s code of conduct or policies. All decisions made by the RM/DR committee are binding at the BMHA level, any further recourse must be sought through the Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA) Appeals Process.

All complaints must be entered in a formal manner.