Managers (Belleville Minor Hockey Association)


The team Manager is a central figure in creating the flow of communication within the team players, parents and coaches.
The Manager is the primary point of contact with BMHA, other teams, referees and officials. 

All BMHA Managers must be approved by BMHA Board of Directors and have the required qualifications


Manager Responsibilities

The manager is primarily responsible for all off-ice activities. Specific responsibilities of a manager include but are not limited to:
  • Dissemination of information to and from the team
  • All financial matters including preparation of team budget and financial records
  • Advise the Association promptly when financial obligations are not met on time by any member of the team
  • Liaison between the Ice Manager and team officials
  • Fund-raising activities
  • Travel and hotel arrangements
  • Reporting scores to league conveners
  • Completing game sheets (the Association will be responsible for forwarding the game sheets to the applicable league conveners)Distributing Parent and Player Satisfaction Surveys 

Team Budget and Financial Records

The Association has prepared a common financial reporting template. An electronic version of the template applicable to each division will be supplied to all managers prior to their first parent meeting. The templates can also be obtained from the BMHA Administrator.

The manager must prepare a budget using the standard template. All team expenses must generally adhere to the guidelines and limits set out in the template. Any significant departures from the established budget norms or any extraordinary expenses must be approved by the BMHA Treasurer.

The manager must keep an accurate, up-to-date record of all financial transactions. These records must be readily available for inspection by the Association’s Treasurer.

Team Financial Reporting information

All teams must use the same format forms for all reporting (forms are available via the links below)
  • Rep Team Financial Statement
  • Fundraising Report
  • Invoice Payment
  • Cash Deposit Slip
  • Referee/ Timekeeper Pay form
  • Pre-season budget to be signed by all families and handed into office by September 30
  • Team financial Statement to be produced with a copy of the team bank account statement by December 31st
  • A list to BMHA of any funds past due by any family as of December 31st with the team Financial
  • Season end Team Financial Statement with all attachments as soon as your team’s season is finished.
Special note: Your approved fundraising form must be attached to each fundraising report.